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How mussels supposed to be

Rival Mussels originates from the mussel breeding company from Nique and Dennis Verschuure. “The profession of musselbreeding is in our genes. With the establishment of Rival mussels, we provide pure quality – How mussels supposed to be!”

Pure quality
Our mussels match perfectly in the range of pure and fair products as being used by top chefs. Directly after they are being caught from the sea, the mussels are processed unsorted and packed in jute bags. By using this way of processing, the mussels are being served on your plate directly from the sea, after tasteful preparation of the chef.

Prepared with care
Our focus is a artisanal way of breeding, with careful quality control and processing. Every single mussel is being inspected few times by the hands of our passionated Rival staff. Because of our small scale way of working, we can guarantee a high quality!

Sustainability ahead
An excellent taste is what we care for. That’s why the breeding is starting with Musselseed Capture Installations with which the lines full of mussel seeds are being caught before they are sown back onto the seabed, whereupon these mussel seeds are growing into delicious full mussels.

Discover the possibilities of Rival Mussels
Are you a chef and would you like to experience how the mussels are being farmed? Step onboard of the YE25! We regularly organize afternoon trips for chefs. In this way you can taste and experience the pure quality of our mussels directly on board! Please don’t hesitate and >contact us if you need more information.

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Please contact us for the possibilities, delivery or for an appointment to have a visit on board of the mussel ship YE25 Rival

RIVAL mosselen
Damstraat 108
4401 AT Yerseke - The Netherlands
Tel. +31 (0)113-700256


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